These are some cool products we have either seen or bought for our girls. We love them because they are not only super stylish and cool, but well made too. Because lets be honest people. Most baby clothes are horrendous unless you go to some chi chi boutique. And who wants to pay $50 for a shirt for a one year old?

Gucio Shoes

Polish shoe designer and new dad Slawomir Piwowarczyk saw the digging and blistering effects of the average shoe on his own toddler’s feet, he set out to design the world’s most perfect, unisex shoe for little walkers. These are amazing shoes. They not only help the munchkins walk better, but they look like super dope Clark style desert boots.

Check their website.

Baby Jogger – City Select

This stroller is uh-ma-zing. I know how everyone and their dog, including me before I learned we were having twins, wants the ever so trendy and effing expensive Bugaboo stroller. But the Baby Jogger City Select puts any bugaboo to shame in my opinion. Especially if you have twins. Why? One word. Sixteen variations. Ok, that’s two words, but you heard me correctly. The City Select not only comes as a single stroller, but for a little extra you can turn this into a double stroller for twins, or a stroller with a bassinet for a new born and toddler. And like the Bugaboo you can add a foot plate for an older third child to stand while the parent pushes his lazy ass around. You can even get an MP3 accessory that allows you to pump up the jam while you stroll the neighborhood.The best part however is the price. Half of what the Bugaboo costs.

Check the website

BlaBla Dolls

BlaBla dolls are superwickedawesome with a capital $. But in my opinion, totally worth every penny. I guess you get what you pay for though. Where as it seems that everything made in America is actually made in China with cheap plastci and lead, Blabla dolls are hand knit plush dolls made in Peru by actual Peruvian artisans with only the highest quality fiberswhich are growin in, you guessed it, Peru. They make for ultra soft and cuddly creatures that kids LOVE. The best part is they have sizes from key chain to giant size. But those hold a hefty price tag of $400 smackeroos. Yikes!


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