Death to Barney

I thought that horrendous purple blob was off the air? I thought that by the time I had kids shows like Barney and the Telletubbies would be gone. I was wrong. Well, the Telletubbies seem to be gone the way of the Do-Do bird, but much to my chagrin Barney is still alive and kicking. His stupid voice. His dumb smile. His alligator arms. Everything. I. Hate. Barney. This, a horrible reminder upon me waking this morning. My wife was up with the kids before me and as I got out of bed I could hear his voice

Give me Sesame Street any day of the week. It’s classic. Even though my kids will never know who Mr. Hooper is, it’s still the best kids programming on the air. And then came Elmo. Even though Elmo has that high pitched whiny voice that would send most parents into the fetal position, I can’t help but love him. Mostly because he isn’t Barney.

Now don’t even get me started on Caillou. In my opinion, if you want your kid to be a pussy then let him watch Caillou. I could go on for quite some time on the woes of programming that is in place for children today but I digress. I grew up in a time of Thundercats, Tom and Jerry and the classic Looney Toons gang. I mean come on, The Rabbit Of Seville? Please.

Thank God for DVD. I am currently purchasing all the classics to building a library of what I believe is the best in kids shows. Anything to avaid my girls having to watch the crap they call kids programming today.

Nuff said.


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