Naked Truth

Well it finally happened. Someone saw me naked and laughed while pointing. Unfortunately it was one of my daughters. Like most people I spent my single life trying to stay in shape primarily to look attractive to the opposite sex. That and not being laughed at when an amorous situation arises. I survived. I passed. I made it through unscathed. Leave it to me to wait until I have kids to be faced with that humiliation. This morning I was taking a shower, one of the only times I can be alone with my thoughts mind you, and was enjoying the solitude of a carefree, babyless moment. It was glorious. Everything was going fine too. Washed hair, luffa’d the back, scrubbed the heels, even gave the undercarraige a bit of a how’s your father. Basically a 12 minute mini spa escape. Ahhhh.

Now we have a sort of Euro sensibility about nudity in our family. But to have my daughter walk into the bathroom as I am exiting the shower to subject me with her pointing and laughing followed by a running away squeal brought me to an all time low. I am now looking into gym memberships.



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