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Clear skies with a chance of AHHHHHHHH!

For years I was that guy on the plane who dreaded being sat next to a baby. If it weren’t for the advent of noise canceling headphones air travel would have been kept to a minimum in my life. Then I had kids, and now I am that guy. The look on the faces of the passengers when we walked up to the gate seemed oddly similar to the look I probably had on my face when I found out I was having twins.

Long story short, this was by far the-worst-travel-day-I-have-EVER-had. Ever. Everyone always says to just rub a little whiskey on their gums, that it will mellow them out and subside any pain they might be feeling. So I ordered two little bottles of Johnny Walker, both of which went quickly into my mouth. I don;t know about my girls gums, but my temperment soon became more relaxed.

Lesson to all parents who plan to travel with one year olds. Just get drunk. It makes the flight that much easier.


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