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The vagina is not a clown car

I don’t like to judge people for their choices in life, but… these people are f#@*ing retards. This morning while standing in line at the grocery store I saw a magazine which on the cover had a photo of the Duggars holding their latest member of the growing football team of a family that they have been breeding for like, the past 20 years or something. Am I the only one disgusted by this? Should there be a law as to how many children one couple can have before you start to look like you have mental issues? At what point does a woman stop having children before her bikini parts begin to look less like a flower and more like a ham sandwich? I don’t know who to feel more sorry feel more sorry for, her, or her husband. Imagine the prospect of throwing your pencil down that hallway every day. I shudder at the thought. But he sure was all smiles on the cover of this magazine so who knows? Maybe he knows something we don’t.

Generally I feel if you don’t have the means to care for this many children I think a ban might be in order. Or a cap. Like professional sports puts on athletes salaries. I know I know, this sounds like communist China, but just because you CAN have this many kids doesn’t always mean you should. Is there a contest going on somewhere that I am not aware of? This is not to say I would even enter but… what’s the prize? Like those eating contests you see on the news, you just have to shake your head and ask yourself… Why?

Over the past 5 years we have become familiar with John and Kate, Octomom, and of course the Duggar’s. So who is to blame, these attention hungry morons or us, the idiots who are glued to the TV to watch them week after week. I have to blame reality TV for this one. You give an idiot a stage… It’s so horrific that you shouldn’t watch it, but it’s so damn hard to look away. Almost like those video’s you see on the internet of some guy getting killed on a motorcycle by a dump truck that just ran a red light.

I guess the bottom line is that as long as your kids are clothed, fed, have a roof over their heads, provided an education, and not sucking off of the welfare teat, then who are we to decide when you should stop overpopulating the Earth? In the Duggar’s case they see it as God’s gift. However if there were a God, I could only imagine how sore his eyes must be from rolling them every time he looks at this insane clown posse.


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